Modell: Lotus Exige GT3 race car
The Lotus Sport Exige GT3, developed by Lotus Sport is a direct motorsport derivative of the highly successful Lotus Exige S road car.

The Lotus designed and engineered racecar uses the latest motorsport techniques and procedures to produce a lightweight yet strong carbon-fibre bodywork structure around the standard road-going Lotus Exige Aluminium extruded and bonded chassis.

Lotus Sport designed a fully adjustable suspension system with double wishbones all round. Power is provided by race tuned version of the Exige S road car engine linked to sequential six-speed gearbox.
Baujahr: 2007
Chassis: Aluminium-Rahmen aus geklebten Elementen + Leichtbau-Stahl-Heckträgerstruktur
Motor: 4 Zylinder Toyota 2ZZ-GE, 1.8L, 16V, VVTL-i, M62-Kompressor mit Ladeluftkühler
Light weight steel flywheel.
Dry-sump lubrication system
Improved dry sump connections and pipework.
350 PS/7800 U/min, 305 Nm/7000 U/min (Werte von Saison 2008)
Leistungsgewicht 2,14 kg/PS
Entspricht 466 PS / 1000 kg
oder 644 PS bei 1370 kg (Gewicht Porsche Boxster S)
Getriebe: 6 speed sequential transmission
‘Flat-Shift’ functionality to aid up and down shifts.
Separate reverse gear shift to meet FIA compliance
Integral slave cylinder
Twin plate sintered clutch
Abtrieb: ?
Felgen: FIA approved tyre specification
Lightweight centre-locking wheels with split rim design.
Räder: slick racing tyres
Gewicht: 750 kg
Farben: -
Innenausstattung: race
Adjustable spherical / needle roller-jointed suspension allowing correct kinematics at minimum 70mm ride height. Minimum friction at all suspension joints.
New bespoke uprights incorporating centre lock system.
Adjustable camber and toe (front and rear axles)
Adjustable Front and Rear Anti-Roll bars Mountings to offer minimum friction.
Adjustable dampers
Choice of spring rates within FIA homologation
Geometry/spring and damping settings for FIA (Michelin) and British GT (Avon)
Driver adjustable bias
Separate brake cylinders front and rear.
Brake disc/caliper sizes optimised within front and rear wheel packages.
Optional passenger seat installation (with ballast removed)
HANS safety system compatible FIA approved seat
HANS safety system compatible six-point harness system with locking mechanism suitable for GT event driver changes
FIA approved safety cage
Safety cage to incorporate elements to front suspension points to increase rigidity.
Removable steering wheel with quick release coupling
Plumbed-in electronic fire extinguisher system
Three-point air jacking system.
Fuel tank to FIA approval with 100 litre capacity.
Improved radiator and/or mounting to increase efficiency, reduce weight and reduce aerodynamic drag.
Improved radiator cooling fans.
FIA approved ballast tray.
Rear subframe dowelled to main chassis members.
Foot rest for left foot
Centre support/console for right foot
Carbon Fibre: front clam, rear clam, doors, roof, rear wing, rear underfloor, rear diffuser mirrors.
Front crash structure, all brackets and panels to support splitter or bodywork bolt on to allow easy repair at trackside.
Rear clam designed to improve the removal of air from Intercooler
Aerodynamic ‘Quick release’ panel system
Adjustable Rear Wing mounted on rear clam.
Adjustable wing ends
Front clam with optimised low-drag leading edge, incorporating aero canards to cover frontal tyre area and improved lamp fit and retaining system.
Front splitter with improved underfloor downforce
Aerodynamically developed side sill panels in carbon fibre
Flush-fitting and sealing (poly-carbonate) side windows with ventilation provision.
Roof panel driver ventilation.
Underfloor mounting with quick access mounting system.
Rear diffuser with optimised strake (number and position) to improve aero and stability
Electrical Systems:
Weight and layout optimised wiring system (manufactured in Raychem 44 wire and DR25 covering) throughout vehicle and engine.
Front Clam, Rear Clam & engine bay to have multi-plug connection.
Lotus T4e engine control unit (with mapping to support race fuels)
Improved location of switches and relays/breakers
0-60mph 3.5 seconds
Maße: Radstand: 2300 mm
Spurweite Front: 1457 mm
Spurweite Heck: 1607 mm
Länge: 3860 mm
Breite: 1860 mm
Höhe: 1117 mm
Verbrauch: ?