This luggage is specifically designed to match the contours of your vehicles boot to maximize on space even when traveling with the top down.

So Roadsterbag’s use the maximum space of your cars boot.

Our Roadsterbag® luggage will give you the freedom to drive anywhere with your personal dreamcar, without worrying about less space in your cars boot.

If you drive a convertible, you can go
on tour, holiday trip or business trip with open top.

The patented Roadsterbag® suitcase-sets will always fit with your roof removed.

Roadsterbag luggage is constructed using durable materials and is reinforced with a rigid metal frame making them lightweight while still protecting your belongings.

Designed in colors to blend in seamlessly with your vehicles interior, this luggage is a must have for anyone who loves to travel without sacrificing the thrill of driving their roadster.

High-quality materials and processing, document bag, lockable cover with zipper, address sight, retaining straps inside and a flat interior bag, likewise with zipper, unite a beautiful optics with practical handling.


• taking more luggage on your tour
• having no mess in your boot
• having a pretty and exclusive look
• getting it for a competitive low price
• getting a high quality product
• engineered in Germany

The RoadsterBag product line is designed in Germany and has been sold in Europe since 1992 with enormous success thanks to the quality and functionality of our products.

Our Roadsterbag suitcase-sets will give you the freedom to drive anywhere in your personal dream car, without worrying about lack of space in your trunk.

If you drive a convertible car, you can go on holidays, weekends away or business trips with your top down and everything you need perfectly organized and stored in your trunk.

The patented Roadsterbag suitcase-sets will always fit with your roof down and for every car in our range we have developed a special Roadsterbag set.

Please note that Roadsterbag Luggage is designed to match the contours of your cars standard trunk dimensions and we can not guarantee an accurate fitting if your trunk contains items such as tool boxes, CD changers, extra speakers or items of this nature.

With offices in the United States, Germany, London, Barcelona, Benidorm, Brussels and Nice.

The Roadsterbag network is growing from strength to strength to ensure we have a representatives near you and to ensure a quality of service second-to-none.